Appointments & Questions

New Clients Welcome!


Please do not hesitate to call us at 402-333-3847 if your pet needs emergency care.

Emergency cases take top priority during regular business hours. You do not need an appointment! Bring your pet in right away so we can begin timely treatment. If at all possible, we ask that you give us a call on your way in so we are prepared as soon as you and your pet arrive.

If we are closed, pleased refer to the one of the following emergency clinics nearest you:

VCA Midwest Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center
9706 Mockingbird Dr.,
Omaha, NE 68127
Open 24/7!

Urgent Pet Care West
4257 S 144th St.,
Omaha, NE 68137

We will follow-up with the veterinarians at the emergency clinic after your pet’s visit so treatment and clinical recommendations can continue with us at Mobile Animal Clinic.

After-Hours Policy

After-hours phone support is offered to clients whose pets have current medical or surgical cases with our practice. If you have any questions at all or need advice regarding your pet’s case, please call us at 402-333-3847 to speak with one of our on-call veterinarians.